Monday, April 27, 2009

Heeeeeeeeeere's Harvey!

Harvey is the kind of dog everybody loves. He makes friends wherever he goes, and is the kind of pit bull (mix) who makes pit bull haters say "he's what kind of dog?" in disbelief and pit bull fanciers say "of course he is". He's a lover. Loves people, loves kids.

Harvey is also the kind of dog who makes his owners want to tear their hair out. He's a terrier, through and through. Stubborn, active, impulsive, tenacious, bossy, driven, and brazen... he lives fully in the moment and never thinks anything through before doing it. He drives other dogs nuts with his insistence that they play with him- his games- his way. And if they get mad at him- well, he's just as happy to squabble with them. Any attention is good attention and a good fight is as much fun as a good game!

He had a rough start as many dogs do, but he's on his way now. He had two luxating patella surgeries (one on each knee) a couple of years ago, but both legs are strong and stable, and he tears around on them like there was never a problem. He's a far cry from the little dog who would leap off the back steps and land with an 'oof' on his belly because his knees would give out under him.

Being such a solidly built high energy dog, Harvey can take- and requires- a lot of exercise. He loves car rides, swimming, meeting people, and going to new places. As a result he's decided to spend some time investigating the many great hiking destinations in Connecticut and the surrounding states. We'll document his findings and his adventures here.

He's pretty excited to get started.

harvey snoozes

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